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Our History


The viniculturad business was founded in the postwar period by the grandfather Mario, continued by the son-in-law Antonio with the construction of a new winery and the installation of new vineyards, and has been carried on by Manola since 2000.

Three generations united by the love of the land and the region and by the passion to give emotions through their wines.

Cultivating with love in accordance with tradition, completely respecting nature, means providing continuity and authenticity of our products and guarantee a result which is equal to our ambitions.

The vineyards ........... 5 hectares of passion

The vineyards ........... 5 hectares of passion - FORGIONE VINI

The vineyards, which extend across 5 hectares on hilly area at an altitude of approximately 400 metres above sea level, benefit from excellent sun exposure.

The proximity of important mountains determines the dry, temperate and ventilated climate with a strong temperature range between day and night. An ideal climate for viticulture, which favours the correct ripening and values the aromatic heritage of the grapes.

The company's land, which is of an alluvial nature, is rich in stone and clayish with an elevated presence of organic substance.

The company has always applied the greatest attention to the care of the vineyards with the espalier, spurred cordon and guyot short pruning training system.

Such a training system facilitates the cultural operation and makes the vineyard produce a reduced number of clusters allowing the sensory qualities of the wine to be enhanced.

Green pruning which is carried out manually is of great importance in order for the clusters to be well-ventilated and therefore less subject to down mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot, limiting treatment with agrochemicals.

Manual Grape Harvesting

Manual Grape Harvesting - FORGIONE VINI

The grape harvest is carried out manually and takes place during the second or third ten-day period of the month of October for black grapes, while for Trebbiano and Pecorino it takes place during the last ten-day period of September.

Small 20 kg-size crates are used in order for the grapes to reach the winery intact.

Unusual cluster of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Unusual cluster of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo - FORGIONE VINI

The exclusive company grapes are produced with cultivations of organic origins with natural fertilisers made from cow manure.

Chemical herbicides for weeds have been excluded and these are taken care of manually hoeing the foot of the vine.

For the care of the vineyards, organic, certified products made from copper and sulphur are used exclusively.